Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hospitals--Another beneficiary from Obama

How about Tenet Health Care (THC 5.52)? Legislation means no more cost overruns at the Emergency room. And that's the soundbite play on Health Care.

And today, Obama wished everyone "Merry Christmas."

So I'd figured I'd give you another Christmas gift!


Anonymous said...

I just want to say thank you for all the fun on this blog.

Hope we can make some more $$$ next year.

Have you met up with that hedge fund firm?

Palmoni said...

will after the holidays since I have to go out to the West Coast

Palmoni said...

we do have an agreement in principle and its being drafted with the lawyers

I can't talk about it much now but will later---remember how the firefox emblem was seen in the stars?

then this will eventually make sense

Take car have a Christmas Eve party to go to

next year we'll absolutely rip!

Anonymous said...

Wow congrats. With the agreement does it mean the blog will end and no more touts?

Anonymous said...

trying to figure out the firefox and the hand...don't quite get it.

Palmoni said...

Firefox--you could at least read something into the constellation.

It's the same with the "hand" -The construction angle in the constellation of where the "hand of God" is 666 years...the bottom of the market of course

And its one of the icons in the Denderah zodiac--which is in the Louvre, which is probably one the most famous predictive relics of the ancient world

that will make sense later when I quite performance figures

I won't be doing anything with his hedge fund, but with some of his personal money. % of profit, and then it will develop a track record for a year, so that when I quote performance figures it will be on a direct apples and apples basis versus a comparison of Wall Street.