Wednesday, December 23, 2009

CTAS trades down after missing

The stock is under 27 after missing. It needs to be bought here. And while you are buying that, you might as well pick up Monster Worldwide (MWW 17.14).

All these people talking 10.75% unemployment, have their heads up their *ss.

But put a CTAS uniform first on him--and STAT!

Will never happen. Govt. figures will show a different picture. Hire the Census workers when you make the adjustment for the fantasy jobs the BLS said were created!

The surge in temporary workers shows that the economy is needing new workers. Census jobs will also help. The productivity miracle is just one person doing the work of two or three. And with the S&P 500 going to 1440 by June, how in the heck will it be possible for companies not to hire?

And before you say that is ridiculous--who said the NAZ would be up 43% this year? Back in May? Do the math, and then check the NAZ!!!

Now the NASDAQ is already up close to 13% this year. Remember Bill Gross the other day telling us that we were supposed to get used to sub par returns in equities? Well the NAZ could tack on another 30% more this year, so now we are talking of returns north of 40%. Is that Bill Gross' definition of sub par?

Or that the S&P 500 would end the year at 1120.89? I think you could of done worse than taking those two predictions to the bank.

As advertised!!!!!!!!!

What no-one understands is  that we will have a V in the unemployment recovery, and the unemployment chart will look like a spartan shield!

But none of these bears want to think with the brain that God gave them!

And 1440? You can take a 7%+ January to the bank also!

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