Thursday, December 24, 2009

January 26: Apple's Tablet?

That's the date of Apple's new product announcement, to be held in San Fransico. Apple APP developers have already been told to make their APPs supports full screen resolution

And just another kick to the stock--but you can surely find a few reasons to get bullish if you read the report below.

Or check out the action in OVTI the last week. That's the derivative play on the iPhone, and with Verizon possibly on deck, you have a play with the February calls on AAPL, or shorting the 185 puts to pay for the calls. Come earnings and the tablet----that should be  free money.

After all, Steve Jobs is supposed to be "extremely happy with the new tablet."
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Anonymous said...

I've been eyeing OVTI since it was around 6 and 7 and it just kept on creeping...then after earnings it dropped. But your right, the action has been hot.

Why is OVTI a deritive if they mainly focus on the the cameras on phones and laptops?

Palmoni said...

i was just using Wall Street gibberish--as OVTI is the play on surging iPhone demand

Anonymous said...

I've been a bear and a critic of you but I have to admit that your stocks picks are pretty good. You "touted" NYT and the next day it gets upgraded. You "touted" AAPL this morning and its up 4. You "touted" X last week, and the stock moved up 6 points. You "touted" STT and it was the biggest mover on the S&P that day. You "touted" GOOG and it moved up 16 straight points.

Good calls. I was one of the anonymous pricks that gave you a hard time.

Now I have an excuse to be nice. Merry Xmas.

Thanks for the hard work.

bloodied bear

Palmoni said...

What?? Merry Christmas!!!! Bears bringing good tidings!!!!!

Just jump on the melt-up bandwagon, hold your nose, and buy and you'll be getting paid!

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