Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why the gratuitous pictures?

I just got a call, from my Mom who objected to my objectation of women, so I must interject with my own objection.

As I explained to her, I was just poking fun, at ZH, with this post, on their website, which had the women mixed in with their charts, with a bunch of fancy bearish talk mixed in, while comparing supermodels to semiconductors.

I guess I have to go back to quoting literature or something of a more cerebral nature, and forget that I'm not in Vegas.

And for once, I have to explain the inside joke!


Anonymous said...


I thought the pictures were quite tasteful, and brought a profound level of substance and gravitas to the Blog.

But then again, you raised us...

Love ya,


Anonymous said...


That was your Dad's influence. I plead not quilty.

Love you both, Mom