Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sleepy Citi waking up!

All the high frequency traders that were trading this for pennies, will soon face the same fate as those who were flipping BAC in the 11 and 12 range when they were doing their ATM offering.

After all, for Citi, what's the difference between 3.62 and 7 when insolvency is taken off the table?

But for shareholders the difference is 100%!


Anonymous said...

so you got everything cleared up?

also you really think Citi is going to 7?

Palmoni said...

yeh someone alerted Google that I was a spam blog--

Yeh I do--even though nobody thinks that's possible

16X .45 earnings and you are there.

Anonymous said...

did you buy any C? and when do you see it potentially hitting 7?

Anonymous said...

Yes, 'when' is the big question.