Friday, August 7, 2009

The market nobody loves

Oh my--the nervous nellies are out in force today.

Aren't you hearing this, from those who act like they are protecting your portfolio?

Didn't Ron Insana go into cash a few days ago?

Didn't Cramer warn us that the market was ready to pullback?

And don't we hear this:

"Look out we are going to reverse!"

"Fade the rally."

"Sell it."

"We reverse on good news, and they'll sell it, and they sell it hard."


Newsflash--We had a pullback on the Dow from 14,000 and NAZ 5,000 and S&P 1560, so why are we going to pull back now, when we just started to break out?

Oh my! Look out for the scary shadow!!

And all those folks short Citi who don't see this number going to 7, are going to learn a market lesson.

In fact, I'll even help the naysayers with a cheap play on Citi

The December 5 calls at .40.

They should be able to make 400% on that play.

And then, they can call home to Mommy and not cry about the big bad shadow of the bear on the market that they are still so afraid of.

Along with all their journalist friends who also remain petrified!


Kurt said...

I bought JOE Sept 30 calls a few months ago for .80 on your recommendation. Just sold for 4.20. Nice trade, thanks.

Palmoni said...

Hey thanks--I know that took a while but then JOE rocked!

Also the S&P calls on that swamp story are looking nice too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Palmoni,

You have an e-mail that you can give out so we can discuss that mining spec play? Thanks!


Anonymous said...


You must be banking some serious coins with all these great calls. Keep up the great work!

Herschel Talker said...

You uberbulls will get your heads cut off, you clowns.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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