Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The leveraged DOW ETF's

On Sunday, July 19, I touted the DDM long, and the DXD short:

The play on the DOW is the ETF's, and most would just rather buy the DDM (30.67) which gives you 2X the DOW upside, or just shorting the DXD (44.41) which gives you 2X the DOW downside, because these ETF's have a built in churn.

The DXD short is now 39.24, a 13% gain, and the DDM long is now 34.53 a 13% gain. So it's 26% in two weeks and two days.

I'm taking it, just because I need the money moving into something that moves quicker than this, even though I think the DOW is going to move substantially higher, and I'll use the excuse of all the bad press that the leveraged ETF's are getting to dump them.

I'm going to start jacking some of these smaller names around, and place some longer term money in some hugely undiscovered small caps, so I want to redeploy some capital.

Now of course, this talk violates every investment rule on the board. Who would sell a DOW ETF, for some smaller speculative names?

But really, what on this blog, isn't speculative? So why then, would I follow Wall Street's rules?

But I want to start advertising some of these names just too p*ss off those on Wall Street who try and make this game too tough!

This bull market is going to make some geniuses out of some folks, so I need to stay in front of the curve.

So now I need some more alpha!!!

Especially since we have some market commentators warning us of those names getting juice!

They better get a juicer because they're soon going to be complaining about sour grapes!

While warning us not too make money!!!


Unknown said...

what are some of these names you plan to move into?

Anonymous said...

Palmoni here

Some Wall Street prick marked this blog as "spam" and notified Google of that so I've been locked out of it by Google until it goes under review.

That's the problem with Wall Street.

They hate the truth!

Anonymous said...

Palmoni here

Here's what I found on my blogger this morning:

This blog has been locked due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations. You may not publish new posts until your blog is reviewed and unlocked.

This blog will be deleted within 20 days unless you request a review.

Ironic that the other day I did a tongue in cheek expose of a person that used to own an Internet company and his market calls and lord knows I also haven't been that kind to those on Wall Street

Now out of the blue this blog gets marked as spam blog and frozen by Google?

Anonymous said...

is HL a good buy for a gold play?

Palmoni said...

HL's leverage and higher prices should help this number going forward, but it's not my favorite play in that area.