Friday, August 7, 2009

Job outlook brightens

Wait--this wasn't supposed to happen--isn't that what we were told?

After Obama warned us earlier in the week that job losses would still be around?

Even the U-6 rate went down-to 16.3% from 16.5%.

Brett Favre has been taken off of the rolls, and the daytraders are back swapping stocks amongst themselves!

Let's face it. Companies are so profitable because they slashed jobs, and the productivity miracle is just over-taxed workers.

I know a brilliant person at a Fortune 100 company, who came up with initiatives that saved the company $7.3 million dollars.

His salary? 140K. And the bonus is maybe 30K.

On Wall Street they would bonus him two of Elliot's girls, and seven figures--because otherwise he would "go elsewhere!"

But corporations, that are now so lean, will soon start hiring, because that is a necessary component of this recovery.

And soon, they'll realize that their valuable workers, are not people that they can walk over and squash.

So we start the recovery.

Despite what the doom and gloomers say.

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