Monday, August 3, 2009

'Bo knows lunch


What do these companies have in common?

Their CEO's all paid for their own lunch at the White House!

Obama's aides said it was their "tough ethic rules" and thus it avoids any "conflict of interest."

So for $15 you can have a lunch with the President. That's White House pricing for lunch! Let's check out the private market.

$650,100 was the going price a few years back for lunch with Buffett. Aren't both of these folks in the same rarified air?

Last year, Zhao Danyang paid $2.1 million for lunch with Buffett. This year, Salida Capital, a Canadian firm paid $1.68 million for lunch.

So now you can buy lunch at the White House for $15! Put me at that table!

But does this really mean anything? Well, didn't Goldman Sachs benefit the most from the White House handouts?

And what did Goldman Sachs do, during this imbroglio? How did they prove to the world that their people were suffering during the meltdown, right before they got the hand-outs from the White House?

Goldman got rid of the free sodas and bottled water!

Tap water for you! They got rid of the perk that cost a buck!

Because didn't a Goldman spokesperson say this?

"When business declines you have to cut somewhere and perks are a lot easier to cut than jobs."

That was Goldman's definition of a "cut." But if you wanted to have a sex change (excuse me-sex reassignment) operation costing $150,000 Goldman's insurance covered it. No cuts when you're getting one!

So now it looks like the White House, has learned some PR tricks from Goldman!

So when we hear all this blather about taxes and health care, understand it's just talk.

Because the markets are heading higher, and soon the coffers at the Government will be filled with the most unlikely of tax receipts coming their way.

Capital gains!

Courtesy of the administration that supposedly knows diddley!

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