Thursday, June 3, 2010

The dumbest blog post

So now, when you have the best buying opportunity since the 666 low, we hear that this bull market is finished; with of course, the requisite charts, to encourage the minions to keep dumping stocks at ridiculous prices.

Here's just a couple of the charts, and with the post:

Anyone using these charts as an investment decision maker to sell stocks at current prices--well its just dumb.

Last May, Dumb and Dumber invaded Wall Street, and now 55 weeks later, they are back. Take the gift that these sloppy, dumb sellers have given you. and buy!


Anonymous said...

this is what all the bears are using to determine the big drop ahead...are you saying it's really just not happening?

Anonymous said...

Well then we should see strong up days and no more correction. We'll know shortly!