Friday, June 18, 2010

Bless Bo

Lord have Mercy!! Don't read Israel Today--because then you are a racist bigot!


Obama's approval rating with Muslims just hit an all time low--so maybe the Muslims aren't reading the Israeli papers!!!

But what the heck--I thought the coming Messiah was Jewish!!

Maybe I missed something!!


Anonymous said...

I am disappointed in a lot of things BO administration has done. But your recent posts seem to show much hatred towards BO personally. Are you displeased that BO administration at least tried to stand up to Israel's wrong doing so there might be a real chance for the middle east peace?

Palmoni said...

Hatred? You are misreading me!! I just liked to rib Obama since he said he was "going to kick some ass" and because we have all this Middle East peace talk--I think it is too complicated--and I don't think there will be a peace--despite all those who are well intentioned.

BO has done a fairly good job--and he's much more competent than what we had.

But he's not a miracle worker.

He's a politician.

And as such, I like to point out his inconsistencies--just because it sort of is fun in a juvenile way--

but I see where you are coming from--you say Muslim--people automatically make the bridge to the muslim radicals...

so I'm guilty for allowing that association even though I meant it in a more harmless way

Anonymous said...

Give BO a break! He isn't really in charge and is merely a puppet with charisma! Remember we don't elect our leaders, they are selected.

So how about that gold breaking out? Looks like Saudi Arabia and other developing countries are grabbing more gold. Now if that Colombia co can just move a little bit quicker... I'm sure those insiders are frothing at the mouth hah.

Anonymous said...

BO has done a 'fairly good job'

Anonymous said...

palomoni _HOW COME STT IS STILL DOWN--what gives?

Anonymous said...

change - hope - change - change - change - hope - change - we can - hope - change....
"Israel today"? Must be a very good newspaper, almost as good as "USA today".

Settembrini said...

let's all thank Obama for getting the government to sell off it's citi stake--it's kept the price down which as allowed many smart investors to buy em cheap--

does anybody really think C will be lower than four by 2014? I can wait.

and what about STT?