Friday, June 11, 2010

Where's the Goldman Sachs toxic spill cam??

The question asked in today's New York Times--where is the spill cam outside Goldman and their toxic investments they peddled!
Although there is no equivalent (yet) of the “spill-cam” in front 200 West Street — the site of Goldman’s sparkling $2.1 billion headquarters building across from Ground Zero — perhaps there should be, because it sure seems that what Goldman and other Wall Street firms are manufacturing every day has proved every bit as toxic as what’s spewing from a pipe at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. High-def, please.

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Anonymous said...

Goldman Sachs: concerns in China

According to the FT, the newspaper China Youth Daily has compared the investment bank to a “black
hand” that “played little tricks carefully designed to gamble with Chinese enterprises”. The state-controlled
daily reported that the investment bank “created even bigger losses for Chinese companies and investors
than it did with its fraudulent actions in the US”. These criticisms are centred on the use of oil hedging
contracts to Chinese state-owned companies that resulted in billions of dollars of losses