Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh My!! The cowardly bears are scrambling!!!

Wait--Aren't you supposed to "stay with it??"

Oh My!!!

And now BP is up 3 and change??? What happened to the bankruptcy rumors??? Wait--CNBC had a montage that said BP had a 30-40% chance of going BK. Oh My!!

But I hear the real reason the "Oh My" crowd is scrambling because they did a little homework, and they saw that Dorothy's ruby slippers sold for $666,000!! And maybe, this beast has legs!!

"Lions and tigers and bears! Oh My!"


Anonymous said...

"What happened to the bankruptcy rumors???" exactly. Today I read on Market Watch that the Euro 'is a very credible currency' which has an "exceptional track record" ----and now we know China has strong data!

and don't forget these FACTS were always ignored through this whole correction:"We're market-oriented, so we think there's no better indicator than the market itself," said Rubin. "If you look at Coach (COH.N), Tiffany's (TIF.N), Ralph Lauren (RL.N), Home Depot (HD.N) or Lowe's (LOW.N) ... these aren't experiencing growth because of stimulus money."---

but who knows--any more RUMORS on the way?

Anonymous said...

GS is selling off. Is this the end of the rally?

Anonymous said...

you who-WAG is selling off, too

any buyers?

Palmoni said...

Let them hit GS! I don't buy the theory that the market can't rally since Goldman is getting sold!

Let them sell it off!!

Anonymous said...

oh my! Palmoni out of his hole where he was hiding for many days! Today market is up! Oh my!

Palmoni said...

whatever.....unlike you bears, I took advantage of the prices Wall Street gave!!!

But we won't see any of the bears around in a few more days!!!

Oh My!!!!!

and last I checked, sometimes a little sleep in a dark hole keeps the head clear from all the nonsense that the bearish pundits speak!!

dust bowl, great depression, Armageddon my *ss!!!

1040 was the best buying opportunity since 666, but jkuts like then, you bears were too caught up in your own hype, drinking your own kool aid!!!

Newsflash: Every bearish prediction is already priced in/reflected in current prices!!!

Get on board or get run over!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what do you think of GOOG?

Palmoni said...

GOOG? Cramer was just on CNBC saying it sucked--therefore its a buy. Afterall, how much do you think BP is spending on Google adwords?

adword story is encapsulated at mish