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Friday, June 18, 2010

Squirrel Season is over!!

Plaintiff attorney Mark Robinson, won a court case when a 1978 Oldsmobile Omega crumpled in an accident, and he noticed it had less welds than other cars. He asked around, and the reason was simple--welders took off for deer hunting season.

So what's the reason why all the bears hate the stock market?

Maybe it's squirrel season.

Once upon a time, a squirrel went to relieve himself next to a trail in the woods. Whilst squatting and grunting, a huge bear strode up next to him and started doing the same.

Very much afraid, the squirrel said nothing, but the bear looked down and said, "Hey, you ever have any trouble with the poop sticking to your fur?"

"No," said the squirrel, still afraid he may become the bear's next pile.

"That's good," said the bear. Then he picked up the squirrel, wiped his butt with him and walked off into the woods.

And that's this market. The big bad bears wanted to make everyone believe that the market was nuts, but they were the ones "making" the tape tell a story that the fundamentals didn't reflect.

So now they are getting wiped by the bulls, because the bears are the ones that have gotten squirrelly, while the bulls get emboldened!

It's bear hunting season!


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