Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ford drops Mercury

So Ford is now like Citi!

No more Woody's!


Anonymous said...

Hey Palmoni,

Any news on that Colombian co? Thanks!

Settembrini said...

Bullish sign for steel?

Anonymous said...

Palmoni waits for the stocks to bump a little so he can say - i told you so, the correction is over. Until then do not expect any comments, just stories about girls and bras...

Sam said...

You want a refund of your subscription fees?

Settembrini said...

Let's face it,-nobody knows for sure where the market will go day to day or will be next month, BUT
the fact remains we have been on a bull the past 13months--up + 80% --with a pullback in May of about 13%(still up around 70% from last March). How long do bull markets usually last?

The last time a bull died before turning 2 was back in 47. So historically, the odds are in Palomoni's favor. And He was right last year at this time saying to buy, while Dr.Doom Roubini Houdini was giving you sermons on the coming of the anti-christ --

In June 2009, October 2009, and January 2010 these BOO! BOO! Bears were saying 'we are on our way back to the March 2009 lows'-Today Roubini says by the end of 2010-it will be the end of America-Everytime the market goes down a few days these ghouls come out of their coffins--The fact is neither they nor anyone else knows what the market will do the next few days, months but if history be our guide -Bull Markets don't end in 13 months, AND Earnings drive prices--today look at Costco, Tifany, Heinz, Gap, Campbell....but who knows the tribulation described in Matthew 24 may be well on it's way....just remember, Jesus said he was "coming soon" and that was 2,000 years go.

The Euro? I know.

But I'll say it--The correction is(most likely) over.

Stick with Palomoni!

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