Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dust bowl, Great Depression and Armageddon---It's time to buy!!!

So some banks in Europe have some bad debt on their sheets---so now the whole world is going to hell?

Dust bowls, depression, barbed wire and guns--but only before Armageddon hits!

 Boy, it sure looks like their camping out in Armageddon now doesn't it???

Maybe that happens after AMZN hits 190!

Because Goldman put this number on their conviction buy list because the Chinese will buy up every Kindle left in the world?

That makes as much sense as Armageddon being on deck!


But the bulls are now looking at trucking ultilization and capacity, and claiming this is the recovery's foundation:

It's just unemployed truckers collecting unemployment checks, staying off the road until the corporations decide to pay them more money!

But if you want hysteria, you'll get it on Wall Street! From both bulls and bears!!

Oh My!!!


Anonymous said...

Time to buy what? Puts?

Palmoni said...

sure if you buy them on the SDS!

Anonymous said...

You saying the bottom is in? Then why are we still fallling?

Anonymous said...

I had expected a temporary bounce, but looks like we won't even get that! LOL

Anonymous said...

crash crash crash

Palmoni said...

cover cover cover your shorts!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually it's "watch watch watch" the Euro. It's on it's way down but just catching a breather at the moment. The respite probably won't last long and then it's crash crash crash.

Palmoni said...

yeh the same song and dance by by BMOs Steele


Been buying a lot today---finally!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Crashing again. I'm scared.

Anonymous said...

Why does the market crash the moment I started investing?

Anonymous said...

Palmoni, what did you buy today? MGM?

Settembrini said...

"He had the exuberant nature of a 'bull,' ever turned towards victory; whereas Moser, on the contrary , short of stature, yellowed-skinned, and afflicted moreover by a liver complaint, was continually lamenting, in incessant dread of some approaching cataclysm"---MONEY

has anyone out there ever read Emile Zola's novel MONEY?


Anonymous said...

It was a gay book.

Anonymous said...

Much Agay About Nothing

Anonymous said...

i think genious is right this time - time to buy puts on inverse 2x-3x

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