Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BP shareholders spotted at Celine Dion's house

They were having a pool party since they're all underwater!!


Anonymous said...

you know what else is underwater? your puts on SDS you bought yesterday!

whydibuy said...

Yeah, and his MPG tout along with his MGM 13 cheap buy in.

Those along with his proclomation that the flash crash was over by the early part of the next day and he was fully bullish again.

Of course hes always buying. He seems to have an inexhaustible amount of funds to buy with.

Unless he does not say all the sells he does but then his fool readers would know he was a permabull tout only in word, not in deed.

Looks like I'll have to help him with his selective memory. He can't ever recall all the bad calls made or when he sold out of some pump stock after highlighting it.

Oh my!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone even trying to play the broad market these days is a nutcase. Just leave this SPY and Dow crap, at least until later. It is useless to bet up or down.

Anonymous said...

Waiting on your call, whydibuy. When will you realize that your handle is worthless around here? Make a call, unless of course, you are as full of crap as you try and make this blog seem.

Palmoni said...

Oh My whydidibuy! MPG I held. MGM I flipped at 16.55, and bought back in at 13 so I'm underwater a couple bucks. Big deal. I can wait.

04/30/2010 Sell 5,600.0000 MGM MGM MIRAGE M G M MIRAGE


04/30/2010 Sell 4,400.0000 MGM MGM MIRAGE M G M MIRAGE



Sure I sell. Who doesn't. It's a traders market. Deal with it.

Big bravado by the bears now that they have been able to game the market for a bit. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

"We'll see."? Really? We will see, eh? No bullish picks, no badmouthing Rosie and Roubini but modest "we will see"? Oh my!

Anonymous said...

too bad you cant trade this market whydibuy cause i made lots of money off of both mpg and mgm over the past few months. palmoni highlighted both these stocks a number of times. i dont recall specific entry and exit points that he gave, but really individuals should make those calls on their own. if you want or need exact prices to buy and sell, then you should go pay for a service or try something free like 'american bulls' or trade radar.

Anonymous said...

I don't get why somebody would bother to write snivelling comments on this blog. If you don't like this guy's calls or style, go piss off and write your own blog.

Why are you reading something you have such disdain for? Go buy a life.