Monday, June 7, 2010

The Walmart Economy

The other day, Trish Regan was sporting this little peek-a-boo outfit on CNBC. That's the economy as portrayed by GE.

When in fact, the economy is really this, as shown at Walmart.

The latest internet rapper semsation, an 11 year old, was portrayed on NBC's America's Got Talent the other night, as a reflection of hope in this economy.

When, in fact, the economy is really this, as portrayed by this rapper wannabee in WalMart.
Of course, we have the Hope Now President.

When in fact, you really have this!


whydibuy said...

I want my 1440.

And that 12.00 MPG and MGM @ 21.00, easy, was the call on that one.

No doubt, the taunting bull is now out of all of them, without telling the fool readers of his REAL moves in the market.

But , remember, Tepper the genius owns MPG and GKK, recently more than cut in half, so who am I to warn it was a cesspool of CRE mbs and buildings??

And I remember being harangued about Bob Magiures selling off of his former namesake holding, MPG. Maguire was/is dumb Palmoni stated bluntly and Tepper the genius owned some. We'll see who was dumber, Bob the seller or Tepper the buyer. Tepper and Palmoni, that is.

Anonymous said...

Palmoni, do not listen to these jelous pricks, you are the best. hey, did you say the correction was over? should we buy say X? any other picks, genious? Did you take your head out of your ass?

Anonymous said...

Have we bottomed yet, man?

Anonymous said...

Oh look, whydidibuy found his balls again on a down day. Man, I really respect you. I thought we had agreed that you would shut the fuck up until you could put up? I am still waiting on my entry for a short or should I buy here? I ran this thru spell checker this tme. Wash your cunt, it stinks.

Anonymous said...

Democrats defend coal. Check who defends that.

Palmoni said...

Oh my---I missed this commentary by whydidibuy!!