Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kudlow: What about RIG? What if they go under? Oh My!!!

Did anyone just see Kudlow? It looked like he had a cocaine energy drink tonight, as he was, gesticulating in a panic!

But the journalists are just going crazy today. RIG is now on the ropes? BP to bankruptcy? BP hasn't yet even said they won't pay their dividend, but Wall Street, which wants you to see Armageddon, or at least another Dust Bowl or Great Depression, has already said they are toast? So what are they going to say now? That a dividend will be a fraudulent conveyance?

Give me a break. I sold the June out of the money puts on BP to collect the premium, because this number isn't toast in ten days. Wall Street's reaction is just ridiculous, because the bears are in the rumor them down stage, and every political hack, thinks that if they bash BP, they'll score points with the public.

And now because Blanche Lincoln wins a primary, we see this story--that Wall Street is freaking out because of her???

Spare me. Look behind the curtain. Which is where "Oh My" comes from. The beastly "Kalidahs" in the Wizard of Oz.

"Lions and tigers and bears! Oh My!"

Who were defeated by the ingenuity of the scarecrow!

Wall Street has become a joke, as no-one even looks behind the curtain. But it's just that confidence has been shot, because everybody has already peered behind the curtain of the Central Bankers, and they know that they are as full of it, as was Oz!

But really--stocks are being helped down by the shorts, who are using this weakness, and a story, to try and bring down companies.

And when we here that BP will be in bankruptcy in a couple months--a company that makes $25 billion a year--it just means that Wall Street is pushing their lies onto a gullible public, that is heeding their siren call!

After all, WIZARD is a palindrome, if you fold the alphabet in half to see it. For those phonetically challenged, W is the fourth letter from the back half of the alphabet, where D is the fourth letter from the front, I is the ninth letter from the front, as R is the 9th letter from the end, and A is the first letter in the front of the alphabet as Z is the first letter in the back half.

A B C  D  E F G H I J K L M

And that's Wall Street's curtain.

Try and cut every stock in half, no matter what story they have to use to get it done!

Because the investors are scarecrows, with no courage, and no heart for the volatility on the street!

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Anonymous said...


maybe alot of these scarecrows are frustrated and pissed they missed the rally from 6500 up--so they have to scare the market back down-less