Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bank babe looking for a payday, hires Gloria Allred

Now that Allred isn't getting any work from Tiger's ex ho's, she's pimping herself out to help surgically enhanced Debrahlee Lorenzana get a payday from Citigroup:

"I'm flattered that my words were sufficient to draw Gloria Allred, like a truffle-sniffing pig, out from California to represent this lady," Peyser said.

This is the video that brought Gloria to the case.

And Peyser's story.


Anonymous said...

hey Roubini says no double dip so by stocks. where are the bears, oh my!

Palmoni said...

I see that Roubini isn't so bearish--even he can see the handwriting on the wall!

He and El-Erian used to tag team the market--Now you have the Panda Bear by himself!!

Anonymous said...

What's New
Gloria Allred Hearts The Citi-Skank

Not that I am shocked, but as usual, I am right. Gloria Allred has just been hired by Debrahlee “The Bombshell” Lorenzana, which is hilarious at best. Yesterday, Andrea Peyser from the New York Post wrote a really snide piece on The Bombshell, which caused her to get her knickers in a twist and reach out to the big guns herself, Madam Gloria Allred, to help scare up some serious dough for the Money Honey from Citibank. In case you missed it, here’s what I wrote on June 4... http://imeanwhat.com/#ixzz0qwE7vVNp

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