Thursday, June 10, 2010

V and MA--Ready to Rumble!!!

So much for FinReg. Check out these numbers!!!

Oh My!! Why didn't I buy!!!


Anonymous said...

what about Cisco’s Relative Weakness – Only Dow Component Lower, "as European Concerns Continue"

Anonymous said...

and this from Motley fool today: 4-Star Stocks Poised to Pop: Cisco

So the stock gets pounded right after the company beats earnings and issues conservative guidance. While I hate being on the losing end of a vicious sell-off, I happen to think this is very healthy for a company particularly one that is as strong as Cisco.

Anonymous said...

Here are companies with 500 openings or more:

Google (GOOG), Cisco (CSCO), Qualcomm (QCOM), Whole Foods (WFMI), FedEx (FDX), Marriot (MAR), Intel(INTC). My guess is that the companies that are hiring are seeing huge demand, which may lead to higher stock prices as well.
By James Altucher

Anonymous said...

fill those gaps!!!