Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who dat with Peyton?

Unnecessary roughness? Wasn't that how the Saints were going to take Peyton out?

How about unsportsmanlike conduct!

Was at a Super Bowl party, and saw tabloid journalism at it's finest.

Peyton's private life is a real Peyton place!

Peyton's downtown apartment?

It's a love shack!

Hush money is being doled out on this story!

Peyton? Who would of thought it?

But unlike Tiger, it ain't with paid girls!


Anonymous said...

Really? Who are the girls?

Palmoni said...

Younger brunette, probably 24, nice, sweet and kind of innocent in her own way, but with a sexy demeanor, obviously still in love with him.

She has a really good way about her. Not overly beautiful, but someone you could fall for fairly easily. A midwestern sort of girl

Peyton ended it, she thought she was the only one, and then she found out he was cheating on her

and for those that know, that want to know if I really know--just so I won't get hassled?

she has media creds

now doesn't that narrow it down?