Friday, February 5, 2010

Let's go to the zoo, kids

Feeding time in China is done just a bit differently than here in the US. Look at the tourists snapping pictures in the bus!


Anonymous said...

LOL they use a dump truck!???

I'm showing this to all my vegetarian friends!

Anonymous said...

so why was there so much noise? did the bulls just sit back ?

Anonymous said...

too bad that couldn't be you in the picture. maybe next time, sicko.

Palmoni said...

looked to me like someone leveraged had a giant margin call, an dthey just puked him up. The selling was just stupid. And then look at the commodities--they first hit copper, then the next day they pounded gold, and then today, they hit oil down three bucks

and that surely looked like the margin clerk was taking things down

sometimes stock prices "lie" I think this time they lied and then their buddies covered up for him--the whole bear crew all goot together and tried to pull a 2008 type panic on the market

but then, we just ripped right back in their faces

will have some ideas to make some $$