Thursday, February 4, 2010

The bears arguments

Here's a summary of a ton of them. If you want to be bearish, this market gave you reasons/excuses to panic today.


Anonymous said...

Are you moving to the dark side?

Palmoni said...

Not in stocks--but I'm short a fair amount of credit as a hedge, just because I think junk bond spreads are way too tight

someone "needs" to get out reminds me of when we had the REFCO selloff which started at the end of sept to the first few weeks of oct in 2005--especially if you were long anything to do with oil

I was long oil, and I was getting hit pretty good, and then I shorted Refco and then two days later it was toast, and I made up all my losses

Don't think that's not what the bears are doing here. They are pressing everything, because there is some distressed seller out there

and they want to make up there losses --they don't care how it's done--so we get this ugliness as they just pile on

so we'll see what they have --but gosh my bearish friends were just so giddy I couldn't believe it--they just want everything to go to hell so they'll score

the money show is down in Orlando--and boy are they talking up the gloom!