Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tiger Woods Dr. didn't have a US medical license he was treating  all these pro athletes with his magic "blood spinning" techniques?

Doesn't anyone think that his magic technique could of been the surreptitious injections of PEDs? 

The good Dr. was using HGH himself. He was practicing in the US without a license.

So now we are supposed to believe that this guy is the genius that has the corner on fixing world class athletes sport injuries?


Anonymous said...

Do you know what was the masking agent for hgh for Dana Torres...they said they tested her a lot and we all knew she was way too old and big to win in the olympics.

What a rought getting smashed giving back all gains from yesterday

Palmoni said...

masking agents

yeh the dollar is so strong against the euro--darn it they are hitting gold