Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tiger Wood's "blood spinning" Dr. suspected of giving his clients HGH

Tiger's physician, Dr. Anthony Galea is now suspected of giving some of his top client athletes performance enhancing drugs.

He visited Tiger Woods four times in February and March to administer his plasma therapy to help Tiger recover. Thge possibility now exists that maybe the success of his therapy was because of the administration of Actovegin and human growth hormone.

Tiger's agent, Mark Steinberg had this statement: ''I would really ask that you guys don't write this? If Tiger is NOT implicate, and won't be, let's please give the kid a break."

One of the fastest side effects of HGH in athletes is a tinier waistline, and larger arms. How many people on the PGA tour would be happy to hear that Tiger's 28" waist was helped along by HGH?

Madonna brags about her exercise regime, but what % of her fitness program comes from HGH?

"Anti-aging" and "longevity" clinics are propping up around the country. You've seen the ads, and one of the proponents is 69 year old Dr. Jeffrey Life.

Here is his before and after picture.

And an interview on Fox television.

If HGH can help repair the body of a 69 year old, what would it do to an athlete recovering from an injury?

Darra Torres, at 42 was the oldest swimmer in the Olympics. She won three medals, and was an inspiration to baby boomers everywhere who wanted to turn back the clock.

Here's her cougar picture in in Maxim magazine.

And in her bikini.

And in the pool. Did swimming really develop those guns?

But what did she share in common with Tiger? Besides being a world class athlete?

The same Dr. who is now suspected of peddling HGH to his clients.

Which means this is the cougar in the clubhouse that Tiger has to worry about.

Because has any one over 29, that has set a record in swimming, subsequently not tested positive for performance enhancing drugs?

And if she took drugs, wouldn't that by implication implicate Tiger?


Anonymous said...

Keep writing the kickass articles!

If Tiger has taken those HGH then he'll have a serious problem on his hands... :P

Anonymous said...

It does appear that every athelete that came across as super human has had drug assistancxe. McGuire with home runs, Armstrong in cycling, etc. Its always wise to remember the saying, if its too good to be true it probably is/was.

Anonymous said...

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