Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Morgan Stanley's new CFO

Ruth Porat is Morgan Stanley's new CFO, and now is supposedly the most powerful woman on Wall Street.

Check out this quote from the number cruncher:

Notable Quote: “One of the biggest problems women have is they work really hard and put their heads down and assume hard work gets noticed. And hard work for the wrong boss does not get noticed. Hard work for the wrong boss results in one thing – that boss looks terrific and you get stuck.”

I suppose they made a big deal about her, because the WSJ said math scores are down across the board:

Most urban school districts failed to make significant progress in math achievement in the past two years, and had scores below the national average, according to a new federal study.

But I'll take the college version over Wall Street's!

Especially if she needs tutoring!

You might get paid to play!

And now you can't do that on Wall Street!

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