Wednesday, December 9, 2009

JPM's Lee--Multiple expansion

That will be the latest buzzword in a slow growth, low interest rate policy. Last week, we had Goldman saying there wouldn't be any rate hikes until 2012. Now JPM says rate hikes will have to rate until first half of 2011, and unemployment will remain above 9% even then.

JP MORGAN- US Year Ahead 2010                                                                                                                                                       


Anonymous said...

do you think GCI is worth holding? Spiked up after their presentation and back down.

Also, is S worth pursuing?


Palmoni said...

Yeh it's hard with all the HFT traders--it had a good three day move and they book them

I'm not trading S--I looked at it but I left it alone

Anonymous said...

Palmoni - what do you think of CY? They look good long term with their touchscreen chips, but short term this looks like it should pop up. Short interest swelled up in September and is about 16% of the shares. The price has been pushing up for about 10 days in a row and is back to the early September number.