Wednesday, December 16, 2009

JPM touts the cruise companies

They should!

The new play isn't just "cash for caulkers" but "cruises for condos!"

Anyone that did a timeshare with a condo is now falling for the cruise vacation planning; which is just the same thing, but less expensive--without the real estate taxes and maintenance fee.

And the other difference is--its not run by a private equity guy that is just trying to pick somebody's pocket. Its reasonable.

And the folks are lining up to take the cruise ship vacation plans and the cruise ships are hiring those to tout the plans. Check the restaurants frequented by the cruisers who stay overnight before and after their cruise. They're packed.

So with oil being down, JPM touts CCL to 43, and RCL to 34.

CCL reports Friday, so you should have a three day play.

Its your three day cruise on Wall Street!


Anonymous said...

I hear rumors of media assets being on sale and some take overs that could happen. Have you heard any names or rumors?

Also, do you own do you play this as it keeps going up? It probably can reach the 20s.

As for the 2010 surprises, if the dollar is going up shouldn't we dump gold, ie. ABX , HL ,type stock?

Thanks...its raining again in sf.

palmoni said...

tons in that area--AMD I'm just sitting in it--boring but that's the way I'm playing it

I don't think the dollar going up will hurt ABX or HL

I don't think the stock prices reflect their upside leverage

Anonymous said...

do you think AMD is a buy ?

i've watched these guys go from 4 to 30s then back to 2s....i just i'll just keep watching....

had a bunch at 2 earlier this year but that's when i really messed up before finding your blog.

are you still playing any Media stocks?

palmoni said...

the Jan 25 calls on AOL are $1.25 AOL was 26.99 two days ago on the news of the probable sale of ICQ to Russia, and now AOL has pulled back to 24.65

I think that is cheap play w some leverage 4 u

Anonymous said...

Thanks Palmoni. I can't really do options at the moment due to value of my account (lost a lot shorting earlier this year) so i'm really building up slowly with a low base.

I'm always reading your option plays and really wished i played some. I tend to play your stocks and track them...great calls man.

Oh btw, are you still holding Liz?

my basis was around $7 so if i find something else that might move faster i'll sell otherwise i might just hold...hoping for a good DEC retail sale and maybe it can move up a little.

Palmoni said...

I'm sitting with it--Its in the stocks that I own that I "ignore" until it gets higher...