Monday, December 14, 2009

109.5 for Dubai World's bonds

Dec. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Nakheel PJSC bond prices doubled after Abu Dhabi provided $10 billion to help parent company Dubai World meet obligations and enable its property unit to avoid default on $3.52 billion due today.

Prices on the bonds due today rose to 109.5 cents on the dollar from 53 cents, the biggest gain in at least two years. The debt redeems at 115.52 cents, increasing the total payment to $4.1 billion. The amount includes a 6 percent premium to bondholders because the company didn’t sell shares in an initial public offering during the life of the bond, and the remaining part of the annual coupon.
 Another nice panic orchestrated perfectly by the Street!


Anonymous said...

where do you see gold heading by year end? struggling a bit lately.

look at GCI after i sold...tapping 14...only happens to me

Anonymous said...

i just saw the upgrade for GCI hence the jump.

what are your thoughts at this point? is it worth chasing?
Anything you see on the charts?

Palmoni said...

a boring idea that should make $$ is DHI which has pulled back like GCI did--I think its a buy here at 9.86--It's also a Goldman fav with a six month $17 target

Anonymous said...

thanks. I'll take a look.

i've got to learn patience. I get beaten up when stocks do'nt move (ie LIZ) and the picks i make (GCI) by selling early...and not following my instincts on MGM last week watching it dip 9.6.

Thanks Palmoni...any holiday plans?

Palmoni said...

I was wondering if you held LIZ--I didn't think they could take it down to 4 though!

trying to coordinate plans--have some unexpected places that I have to go to

thanks for asking

Anonymous said...

I did hold LIZ but its stuck in the 5s trying to figure out if u should cut the loses and move on. How about you?