Friday, February 5, 2010

Unemployment rate 9.7%, ---20,000 jobs

U-6 rate drops to 16.5%.

Is the employment train finally leaving the station? If you count a train without people!

The question that remains to be answered---How does the unemployment rate go down, when no jobs are created?

Don't count those who are on permanent layoff. Check out Table A-11.

Permanent job losses were the biggest beneficiary of the Unemployment rate.

I guess all those folks don't need a job!


Anonymous said...

How does the unemployment rate go down, when no jobs are created?
works very similar to your logic when you pretend to know everything and keep bashing "bears" like Rosie or Roubini.

Palmoni said...

Oh my--another bear with tender feelings! Sorry--I'll take the Alan Alda course of sensitivity

You get the pullback, that you should be buying, and covering your shorts--instead you beat your chest proclaiming the end is near.

Big deal.

You bears have no staying power. You'll be gone next week, when the market wipes the floors with you guys.

But thanks for the gifts--with all this pretend calamity --You gave me entry points on stocks I should of never gotten!!!

oh wait--let's use the bears logic-- cancel the Super Bowl because we have some debt problems in Portugal!

Or in Greece!

heck, Greece throughout its history has always had these problems--now its the end of the world?

Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

But could U.S. dollar strength continue or was that the big move? Thanks.