Monday, February 1, 2010

A-Power Energy

APWR is ready to rock!

They sold 5.77 million shares at 14.37 a couple weeks ago, and last month 4.58 million shares hit the market from shareholders who owned convertible notes.

This supply overwhelmed shareholders and the stock got hit.

Since then, APWR is finally delivering wind turbines, and with the capital they now have, they should be able to execute on their growth plans.

And the chart shows its a good entry point right here.


Anonymous said...

makes sense. i saw the turbines in you have a target you are aiming for?

Wind4me said...

dont mean to bust your bubble but APWR has NOT shipped anything to Texas of of yet

palmoni said...

Texas? That's so far into the future--if that happens--then the stock will be bubbly--but not here!