Thursday, February 11, 2010

IBM says it ain't blowing smoke about cloud computing

International Business Machines is pushing ahead with “cloud” computing technology — storing information and running applications in shared computing facilities, connected to users over the Internet.

IBM already has a number of data centers its customers can use to develop cloud applications. Now it will offer a “resiliency service” that customers can use to back up data in an IBM-managed cloud center, and quickly restore operations in case of a crash in the company’s data center. It unveiled software from its Tivoli unit that it says manages cloud computing as if it were being handled in a company’s own computer room.

It also said it is working with Juniper Networks to connect all its 13 cloud centers around the world so they can function in unison. Mr. Clementi said it can use the networking capabilities to “move a workload from one cloud to another without stopping the work.” So if a customer’s order-processing system got overburdened during the holiday season, the application software could be moved to a more powerful server in another data center.

IBM wants a better multiple!

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