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Monday, February 1, 2010

Cramer on Lucas Van Praag

On CNBC today, Cramer highlighted what Goldman's PR spokesman had to say about the rumors of Lloyd Blankfein's $100 million bonus on deck.

Lucas said:

"There’s speculation, and there is stupidity. This speculation transcends the simply stupid and takes it to an entirely new level."


Anonymous said...

Now that's a head shot!

Any ideas if that was taken with the 50 cal Berret or some other rifle?

Palmoni said...

I think that's it-- long range sniper rifle

Anonymous said...

Gross, another nightmare?

Anonymous said...

what is your friggen problem?

Anonymous said...

what is your malfunction by posting that photograph? you have issues, dude.

Palmoni said...

I know its a horrible picture, but I couldn't take Cramer defending Goldman as though they were at war.

War is hell, Wall Street isn't.

I have some friends that just came back from Iraq. Even the most well adjusted person in the world, has a hard time adapting when they first get back.

And you can't trivialize the trauma, or the hell that our troops go through.

Anonymous said...

I'm not in disagreement with the visceral reaction to the picture that some of your readers have shared, however, within the context of the post I believe it fits... It certainly caused me to pause and consider the reality of war, and how often we tend to marginalize or make trivial the real sacrifices made to protect our individual rights as Americans. The very existence of our right to freely express different viewpoints stems from the young people of this country that willingly put their life on the line, within circumstances that at times are best understood / spoken through an image such as this...

The reality of war (along with the "myth") brings out deep rooted ideologies and subsequent heated debate. I find it sad that the good folks actually fighting the battles typically find themselves forgotten or vilified within the debate, and rarely recognized for what for them at a minimum becomes a profound life altering experience, or at the maximum, a life ending one.