Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cramer: Ford will be the biggest car company in the world in 5 years

Random musings: Toyota could have handled this in a way that I think we would not have even noticed. Of course, now it is all we can talk about and I think that Ford is simply going to roll all over Toyota and I am reiterating that Ford will be the biggest car company in the world in five years.


Anonymous said...

Cramer said that?

Doesn't that mean Chapter 7 in 5 years?

Anonymous said...

What do we do today? Sit back and hold? Or buy this dip?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you broke out the "Someone's Back" post too soon.

Palmoni said...

Yeh I should of had a PIIG!!

Portugal, Greece, Spain--failed sovereign offerings, shaky countries, prob massive capital flight and panic.

I would of thought they would of been able to keep the genie in the bottle, but its out now

and right now that's their trump card

Anonymous said...

oh, "you would have thought"? bha-ha-ha. Indeed, you would have thought, would not ya? Hows the touting working out for you? What you touted X for? 45? Bha-ha-ha. Rosie and El Erian are stupid, but you Palmoni are a genious. You would have thought...

Anonymous said...

Palmoni, are we headed for below 10k on the dow and "lower highs"

Sam said...

What's with the trolls who show up at the slightest hint of a down move?

He's been right for over a year and made good money, unlike some anonymous commenters.

Anonymous said...

How do you interpret gold right now?

Anonymous said...

Ano- if you bought X and sold during the last two days you would have made some money...he touted RIGHT! but it's not Palmoni's fault that you didn't sell. why read his blog if you can only complain?

Thanks Palmoni for this blog and always being generous with your response.

Anonymous said...

nah, there's going to be no below 10K on the Dow. Like I said: sideways!

Anonymous said...

Must fly to safety...must buy USD..must stop laughing.

What’s the problem here? Greece, Spain and Portugal just need bigger printing presses like the USA!
Sell me all your rimm, aapl, gold and oil fools.

Anonymous said...

oh the horror!

Anonymous said...

getting close to 10k level

Anonymous said...

bha-ha-ha. Yea, right, if you bought it 2 days ago at the bottom of the day range and sold on a lucky bounce next day they you would have made money. Bha-ha-ha. Otherwise, you screwed. Goooood trading and touting! Yea, if i bought X today at 44.05 and sold 15 minutes later at 44.5 i would have made money too so it was a good idea to buy X even today.

Palmoni said...

Gold--looks like liquidation pressure everywhere...

if the bears didn't have credit default swaps on all these countries debt, do you think they would be cheering so much?

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