Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The latest drinking game is now ChatRoulette!

You hook up your cam, and you don't know what type of troll you'll get, when you randomly meet someone else around the globe.

If you see a chick, you of course, try and get her to flash .

If you run across a guy, flashing you his junk, you drink a shot of Jack--because it's the same face you'll have when you have a shot!

And if you run across a dude like this, you take a screenshot of it, and post it on the web and write about it.

The countries with the most exhibitionists, according to their Alexa rank come from:

Hong Kong

Roulette without Vegas!

It's the new spin the bottle!

With webcams.


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Anonymous said...

Omg dude my college buddy was on this site over the weekend and all he saw were guys jerking it, LoL!

Anonymous said...

thats all i saw too! idea is fresh though