Monday, December 7, 2009

RIMM cuts a deal

RIMM reached an agreement to sell the Blackberry in China.

BEIJING (Reuters) - Digital China, a Hong Kong-listed information technology company, is to distribute Research In Motion's Blackberry handsets, accelerating RIM's effort to expand into mainland China.
Whatever you make of this, it has to do better than the iPhone. The price on the iPhone is too out of whack and China Unicom sold all of 5 in two weeks with their online retail store.

RIMM also reports earnings on December 17, the day before option expiration, and its still the device of choice for corporate America.

And the December options volatility pricing is too low coming into an earnings report; especially with the stock at 60.


Anonymous said...

haha see if I can get blasted on this sucker again....

man oh man does the street have a hate on for this company.

Palmoni said...

yeh--time to get back what they took away!

Sam said...

Yep, Dec 65 calls look yummy. Accumulate on any dip.