Friday, December 11, 2009

Research in Motion rocks

What happened here? The Decemnber 65's were only $1.41 when this stock was touted Monday at 60--and now these names are $3.35. The Dec 70s were .42--they've now tripled--but we hardly got started!

We had the folks on Fast Money warn us. Warn us? After the stock was cut in half, and then discounted again?

Its one of the Four Horseman!

RIMM reports next Thursday after the bell, and now that the stock is breaking thru resistance on the charts, we're seeing some positive words on the stock.

After RIMM blows past earnings, we'll here some more, but here's a report from Credit Suisse that maybe will help you get a bit excited before the numbers.

Now I know this report is dated (10/30/09)--but it actually addresses the issues that the bears have brought up.

To start with, the average RIMM buyer replaces his phone every 1.23 years...and the rest of the bears thesis is subsequently destroyed point by point.

Target 95!

Research in Motion Limited, Credit Suisse (RIMM)                                                                                                                                               

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