Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What does JPM know about derivatives?

After all, they have $80 trillion worth don't they?

Maybe we should check their research.

So check out this morning's action by JPM in their "derivative" section on page 10.

Is any of that worthwhile? I like the plays with the high vol.

Maybe there's a reason for it, and they're not out of line!

Which begs the question. How is there $80 trillion derivative book doing? And how will it be at 1440 on the S7P by June.

Wait--they'll tell us they, like Goldman were completely hedged--Especially for an outcome like that!!

But JPM is hiring 1200 people so they can do home modifications--so I have cut them a break.

At least, for once, some trickle down for the masses.


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