Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A play for Wall Street cynics

Business as usual?

Nothing changes on Wall Street?

No regulation of dark pools and algorithms?

Is that what you think?

Then take a look at Investment Technology (ITG 20.33).

I like it here. After all, its market cap is $888 million!

It's also pulled back 9 points from its high.

And Uncle Sam--I mean Goldman Sachs likes it at these levels.

But you have to comb thru this morning's research, which really didn't have anything worthwhile, except for a blip on that, on page  6 and 7, with their NYC bus tour of 2009.

Now I know that's not a name a lot of you traders like, but the Q4 cut to .38 from .41 is already in the stock, and they have $10 in cash.

But then I like buying when they are on sale, and selling when they are dear.

GS main 1111                                                                                                                                               

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