Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The beginnings of the fertilizer rally

Well--we know fertilizer has an inauspicious start!

But you had the news with the Goldman leak. But they didn't make any noise, when they let that one go.

And now, the street smells it!

Remember that tip?

It was in my shipping story just a few days ago.

And here's another idea. In the Goldman research I posted earlier, you'll see that they had good things to say about Potash, but they didn't move their price target--they kept it at 95. But Goldman said they were excited about spring, in regards to Potash. Anyone remember China and their Potash pricing? And shipping?

You can read Goldman's take on Potash here. Scroll down for their research.

Because how can you be excited for spring, and not like the name you are touting?

That's why they kept the price target at 95. Because the name was ready to run!

And today it closed at 110!

And the shippers traded nicely too!

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