Monday, November 23, 2009

Where are the Favre doubters now???

What happened to them? Even the MSM gets it:

MINNEAPOLIS -- The doubters lined up to chastise Brett Favre for ending a second retirement to play for the Vikings.

One by one, they have been silenced by the 40-year-old's incredible 10-game start in purple. The most efficient performance of his career may have removed the remaining doubt that he still had.

Favre completed a career-high 88 percent of his passes for 213 yards and four touchdown passes, and the Vikings delivered their most complete performance of the season in a 35-9 victory over the Seahawks on Sunday.

Favre completed 22 of his 25 throws for the Vikings (9-1). His previous career high was 85.2 percent against Detroit on Sept. 20. But he has completed at least 80 percent only two other times in his previous 18 seasons.

How come Wall Street then doesn't get it? Why do we need to hear all this sh*t from the discredited bears? Why isn't Wall Street like sports?

Heck WallStCheatSheet has now correlated the market with Brett Favre with this story!

Well, I’ve got news for you: there is a very simple explanation for the miraculous recovery we’ve seen and will continue to see for a long, long time — and said explanation is comprised of only two wonderful, heroic words: Brett Favre.

You see, the stock market bottomed on March 9, which was about the time “coming out of retirement” rumblings started seeping out of the crap-hole where Brett Favre called home (somewhere in Mississippi). Brett’s agonizing decision captured hearts and minds across the country.

What? Unemployment is exploding? Iran might have nukes? H1N1 might kill everyone? How can I be expected to focus on any of that jibber jabber when Brett Favre might be coming to play for the Vikings?

The 3rd quarter started on July 1 and ended on September 30. During that time, the market rose by over 20%. Well, not coincidentally, also during that time Brett Favre signed a contract, suited up, and played in a couple games for the Vikings.

And the funniest thing about it--this was a way better indicator than anything these pussy ass bears came up with!

Say what you want--Did Childress get his contract extension? Check! Did anyone see Syd Davy's expression Sunday? Check! That was priceless! Is Minnesota now 9-1? Check! Will they then get their new subsidy for their new dome? --Well, that comes  after the Super Bowl!

Because then they take a page out of Wall Street's handbook. Do the IPO at the new high!

Favre doubters? Hard to find. Now where are the bull doubters?

Heck they're still on the front page!


Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder how well he would of played if Holmgren stuck around... It seems like Childress really knows how to manage Favre, and it shows. Favre had close to the same talent surrounding him in 96 and 97 as he does now, but with the advantage of another football lifetime of experience. It's great to watch.


Anonymous said...

favre doubters? they never left. wait till playoffs... then he will cry and move to another team...

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