Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shea Stadium--The bulls antidote to the Silverdome

Oh my--The Pontiac Silverdome sold for a bit more than $583,000--but then, like any good foreclosure sale it was blocked. Supposedly there was a deal to sell the stadium for $17 million, turning it into an entertainment venue. A hearing is set for next Monday.

Soccer for Detroit may have to wait.

But it sure didn't stop the bears from screaming--Oh My! Commercial Real Estate down 99%!

Oh My--Not so fast. And while we're talking about stadiums, what ever happened to Shea? Oh that's right. They carved it up and sold it for memorabilia before they demolished it. And then, it was turned into a parking lot for Citi Field.

How much did Shea cost? $25.4 million? And what did Citi Field cost? $800 million? And how much is parking? Isn't it $18 a head, with 8,000 slots? Last I checked, that's $144,000 a game for a worthless parking lot!

144,000? We had 144,000 witnesses yesterday, telling us the S&P is heading to 1440 by June.

And now we have $144,000 reminding us that selling stocks, on a busted stadium deal, isn't sensible!

Remember last weekend, when everyone was scouring the Internet for the Carrie Prejean sex tape that was nowhere to be found? That's because Vivid Entertainment has it, and they want to market it--but first they want her signature.

What happened today? Oh that's right. We have another sex tape. We now have a three-some with Ms. Universe contestants. Maybe Carrie better sign--against her better wishes of course!

Miss Trinidad and Tobago, was involved with Wyatt Gallery, the photographer, who filmed him with her, and another close friend. And it's not Ms. Japan, as the Daily News thought!

Which just means, some stories have more legs than another!

And the stadium sale, already had it's 15 minutes.