Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cramer touts the new bull market in shipping!! I'll take it!

And he pumps the dry bulk names!!!

As advertised!!!  Today he said they bottomed last week. Last week, I said they bottomed, when they bottomed!!

I just try and give you the news before Wall Street!!

Nobody wants the free money?

I do!!

And I'll always take it!


Anonymous said...

so does this mean to sell PRGN? since he touted?

Palmoni said...

No! These just started!

db said...

Drys got hammered last nite when they announced they were issuing a 300 mil convt issue .I picked up some at 6.55 .I'm still note sure why the big sell off

Palmoni said...

prob because DRYS is always raising money on any bump up