Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Joe Kernen calls out David Rosenberg

Joe "The Kahuna" Kernen, a great golfer, seems to be the only person that calls David Rosenberg on the carpet.

And today he took some swings at him.

And they were straight down the fairway.

Joe Liesman even had to come to Rosie's rescue!

About time!!!

And here's a great story on Joe from Golf Digest. He even got married on the 18th hole of the Four Seasons Kona Hualalai!

It's just good to see someone on CNBC hitting the ball where it lies!


Anonymous said...

You might change your mind on joe if you heard him crapping on matt taibi last week, and bowing before the great generosity of goldman sachs.

Anonymous said...

Definately into hair coloring. Hes older than he looks.

Palmoni said...

Yeh he does that--but he's still more balanced than most of the other pumpers on CNBC

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