Thursday, November 12, 2009

Taking my Wynnings

WYNN was advertised here on November 4, and now I'm booking it and 68 and change.

And if you don't want to take the 13 points, because you want the $4 dividend, then sell some calls on this number, to bring in more premium before it goes ex. WYNN goes ex-dividend of $4 on Tuesday.

I know the stock hasn't really down ticked this week, but that's why I'm booking it here. For me, it was a short term trade!

And all this in the money calls will be out by $4 on Tuesday. That's why I'm hitting it here.

I think the pros will do the same.

After I mention it!

The longs have squeezed the fantasy shorters who don't want to pay the $4 juice.

And it's enough for me!

As advertised!


Anonymous said...

do you still hold MGM? and see it still climbing up?

i assume WYNN was just a short term short squeeze play

Palmoni said...

Yeh I'm a holder of MGM--and if youbuy stocks at the right prices, it seems that lucky things happen

You can see they are just squeezing WYNN here--the stock never even comes in--but I'm gone!

Heck what are they trying to do? Get the last drop of blood from the shorts?

Heck they already gave us longs a transfusion!

zz said...

P, From your shipper's post, which of those do you prefer the most??? I remember you had mentioned PRGN in one of the posts a month or two back. Is that still your top choice or would you go with some ETF???