Monday, November 2, 2009

Peete's Cofee buys Deidrich Coffee for $26

Oh my goodness!!!!

$26 a share!!!!

This number was shorted and shorted and the story was never believed by the shorts.

I got to hand it to them. The bears can stay delusional longer than anyone I know!

But I have to give the shortsellers credit for the pain they can take.

I can't do it.

If a short starts turning against me, I fold.

So how do you stay short, when you are wrong?

Probably the same way I'll ride a long down into the basement! Along with some other bulls.

But from 20 cents to a $26 bid?


Anonymous said...

That's what I call pain!! Can't believe it went down to .26 then get bought out for $26, oh the irony!

Palmoni said...

I know--I was in at 5 out at 8--but then, I don't drink coffee. You go to any corporate America kitchen, and they have those or the GMCR little brewing cups.