Monday, November 2, 2009

Goldman's latest viewpoint

GS main 1102                                                                                                                                               


Anonymous said...

So Goldman thinks we'll see 0.5% growth in Q409 and I see Barclays are claiming 4% growth in Q4 and 5% growth Q1 in 2010.

Going to be interesting who is right and wrong on this :P

Anonymous said...

did you cover all shorts?

do you have any longs to recommend?

great job with the Black and Decker...almost considered it again at 40+ but didn't have the capital.

palmoni said...

Yeh I threw in the towel on the shorts when we started to rally--except for the credit card companies--

I'll have a few longs and some option plays in the next couple of days--we corrected enough

Anonymous said...

Thanks need to find a way to unload faz faster