Monday, November 16, 2009

Goldman more bullish on the Internet names

A couple weeks back, Goldman made some adjustments in the GARP baskets, regarding the internet names.

Today, they are strongly behind the numbers again.

This time, the kick will be the foreign currency gains in those numbers.

It looks like that either someone kissed the  toad, or someone covered their shorts!

GS main 1116                                                                                                                                              


Anonymous said... is upgrade monday!!!

do you think it's time to give up on LIZ?

i'm trying to be mentioned last week "sometimes stocks just wear you out"'s killing me...

but a great example is PRGN...finally moving.

Palmoni said...

just sit with that --the stock bottomed the other day it will be OK now

I can sit on stocks because I always have action in some other names or some option plays--

I know that is hard for people to do--before I could never sit it anything, but then life passes so quickly and now its easy!

but this market is all about the church of what's happening now--so i have to adjust the trades I like because everyone wants to be in and out in three days

but I really didn't think LIZ would pull back as far as it did