Saturday, November 7, 2009

Canseco challenges A-Rod to a fight


Canseco drew with Danny Banaduce from the Partridge Family.

So now he thinks he can kick A-Rod's ass? I don't think he can take Jerry DieGuz!

And I don't even know if Canseco can take Elizabeth Lambert! Did anyone see her? She was a wild woman on the soccer field!

But the real fight was  between 7 foot Russian Nikolai Valuev and British David Haye for the WBA title.

Haye was bragging all week he would win. And he took him in a decision!

But that was the second haymaker thrown this week. Did you see where the inmates in Tampa, saved a security gaurd?

Check out the punch thrown in scuffle by inmate Jerry Dieguz to save the deputy's life!

I nominate that haymaker as the punch of the week!

But speaking of value and giants, did you see who was shopping at WalMart?

The Great Khali!

Put him on the card with Valuev!